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About Outlandish Brew Co

Our Outlandish range of craft beers are locally produced; a belter of a thirst quencher.

This is an Outlandish tale – but it’s true, and we all know the best stories are the true ones, right!

We are a proudly Scottish brewery dedicated to providing our customers, lovers of craft beer, with our traditional and contemporary beers; with our vernacular humour at the heart of all we do…aye!

In summer 2018 two brothers from Lanarkshire found themselves hatching a plan to open a microbrewery. Drawn together due to changes in their lives, Ronnie and Kenny Lees had both been entertaining thoughts of having a brewery one day, but unbeknown to each other! At the end of one tumultuous night (we’ll spare you the details but let’s just say they watched the sun go down and then come back up again!) the plans were hatched and Outlandish Brewing Company was born. Ya beauty!

Locally produced, hand crafted Scottish beers – pure quality.

Our Community

The value of our lives is not determined by what we do for ourselves, but by what we do for others. Consider the environmental impact of our work. We are committed to being a good neighbour. We want to bring attention to the people and generosity that makes our community great.

If you have a suggestion that could be our first community projects please get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can help.
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The Environment

We reuse our waste, we’d l like to use it to make dog treats, but for now most of it goes as a feed supplement to some of the local farm animals.

Stock our beers

If you’d like to stock our beers please give us a call on the numbers here or or drop an email to

Our Supporters

Lynn Robertson Designs
Sean Kerr Photography
Fletcher Digital
Our family and friends – willing assistants who have given your time to help us to get this far – you know who you are and we are forever grateful to each and every one of you.
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